Winter 2020 Seasonal Rentals

Thank you for your interest in a winter seasonal rental in 2020.  All of the homes below are available for a three to four month rental only.  When you rent one of the seasonal properties the rental does include heat, utilities and plowing.  Guests are responsible for shoveling walkways and decks at the property during the winter months.  When you book one of the winter seasonal properties, we do ask for the first months payment to make the reservation active.

OMCS #2:   $1000/month + taxes and fees
Adventure Awaits – – $1500/month + taxes and fees – 1 vehicle and 1 trailer only please
Niboban #3:  $1700/month + taxes and fees
Reid:  $1700/month + taxes and fees – one vehicle and one trailer only please
Lodges 18 – – $2100/month + taxes and fees –  Association rules do not allow guests to have trailers in the parking area of these units.  Guests can only bring trailers up to drop off and pick up sleds, but they cannot park them there for any extended period of time.
Murzyn – – $2200/month + taxes and fees – Access to one garage bay but renters MUST bring plywood to lay on the floor of garage
Balsam Lodge – – $2500/month + taxes and fees

2478 Main St,Rangeley, ME 04970