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We highly suggest that every guest purchase Travel Insurance when they make their reservation with us!  

Once you book a home with Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals and put down your deposit your reservation is final.  If you or a family member (or anyone traveling in your party) has a health emergency you can get 100% of your deposit returned.  For a summer reservation this could mean thousands of dollars either lost or given back to you.  For example……on a $1000 base price reservation the cost of the insurance is $70 to cover that amount.  We have seen this insurance make bad situations a little better, and the company that we are working with does their best to get the money back to the guest promptly.  Below is a quick glance at what the insurance covers, but please click on the rental guardian link above to see a sample description of coverage.  

Thanks so much and please let one of our rental agents know if you would like to add the travel insurance on to your reservation.  

This Travel Protection Program is for US Residents* traveling to US-based and international locations (not subject to published travel restrictions).   All references to currency are in U.S dollars.

Schedule of Benefits

Trip Cancellation 100% of Trip Cost up to $50,000*
Trip Interruption 100% of Trip Cost up to $50,000*
Travel Delay $600 ($200 per day maximum, Minimum 6 hours delay)
Baggage Delay (Outward Journey Only) $1,000 ($200 per day maximum, Minimum 12 hours delay)
24 Hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment $100,000
Accident and Sickness Medical Expense $25,000 ($50 Deductible)
Emergency Medical Evacuation $250,000

* Up to the lesser of the Trip Cost paid or the trip Cancellation Benefit amount. 
* This Program is not available to residents of New Hampshire or Puerto Rico: please select an alternative Program. 
* Maximum Trip Cost is $50,000. 
* Maximum Length of Trip is 60 days. 
* Restricted Countries:

This Schedule is only a summary of your coverage benefits. Your coverage benefits, including any exclusions, conditions and limitations, are described in full in the master policy issued to PAC7, a copy of which will be emailed or mailed to you upon purchase (click “View Sample Description of Coverage” below to view a sample). If you do not receive a copy, or want a replacement, please email your request to

Accidental Rental Damage Protection – $39.00 for $1500 worth of coverage

View Sample Description of Coverage

The Accidental Rental Damage Protection provides coverage up to the amount of purchased ($1,500) per stay and is valid for the entire stay. This fee is mandatory and eliminates the need for a separate security deposit from the guest.

With the Accidental Rental Damage Protection you and your traveling companions will not be obligated to pay for damage or theft to the contents of the rental unit you occupy.

Accidental Rental Damage Protection Does Not Cover:

  1. Intentional acts of a guest and traveling companions;
  2. Gross negligence or willful conduct;
  3. Any loss, if a guest or traveling companions do not take reasonable and prudent measures to protect the residence;
  4. Any loss, if the guest does not report the damage to residence rental management staff by the time of vacating the residence;
  5. Normal wear and tear;
  6. Theft without forced entry;
  7. Damage or loss caused by any pet or other animal that was not allowed onto the premises under the Rental Agreement.

A description of coverage with exclusions, conditions, and limitations that may apply will be mailed or emailed to you upon purchase. All references to currency are in United States dollars.

  • $39.00 for $1,500.00 of coverage


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