white water rafting

North Woods Rafting

If you want someone to take you on the beautiful Androscoggin river for which Maine and New Hampshire are known, you’ll want someone with experience. You will find that and so much more when you reserve an incredible rafting adventure with North Woods Rafting, who have been operating for over 16 years. Not only are they one of the longest operating rafting companies in the state but they also make sure each trip is remembered for years to come.

Androscoggin River Rafting Tours

North Woods Rafting utilizes one of the best rivers for rafting, Androscoggin River, for their tours. North Woods is located just a few miles from the river so you will not be spending hours in a vehicle to and from the river like those who use other rafting companies may experience. Breathtaking rafting trips are available in half-day or full-day trips down the river. For any half-day trip, expect up to two and a half hours on the water as you navigate miles of splashing rivers, promising hours of fun. North Woods will provide you with the safety gear needed for your trip including helmets and life vests. Rafting starts at $79 per person.

Post Raft Meal

Rafting The Androscoggin will certainly create an appetite after you spend hours navigating miles of beautiful rivers. North Woods Rafting makes sure each rider experiences a delicious meal to end their tour at Mahoosuc Range. Your barbecue meal will include a choice of delicious entrees such as sirloin steak, Atlantic salmon, marinated chicken, and more. The range’s pasture in the background is the perfect scenery to enjoy your delicious meal with.

Reserving Your Rafting Trip

Start planning for your rafting excursion by contacting North Woods Rafting. Contact them directly by calling 603-449-6646 or by emailing info@mahoosucoutdoors.com. North Woods Rafting also provides fishing tours along with kayak and canoe rentals. They can even show you other incredible activities in the Mahoosuc Outdoor area.

Explore the Beauty of Maine

Get ready for the incredible time waiting for you in Maine and nearby New Hampshire. Our Rangeley vacation rentals provide you with resort quality amenities while you enjoy a private property to yourself. Each rental is just a short drive away from amazing rafting experiences, including North Woods Rafting. Call today and see which rental will be available for your next trip to Maine.