brown dog sitting on a dirt trail

Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel

If you have seen classic films such as Balto, you know how much of a thrill dog sledding can be. This activity is popular up in the New Hampshire wilderness areas. You can join in on the action by reserving a dog sled run with Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel. This local attraction offers dog sled rides all throughout the year, including summer. That’s right, dog sled rides are always available during the summer! Muddy Paw ensures that each rider will have a hands-on experience and not just be a bystander on their dog sled ride.

Dog Sled Rides

As mentioned, dog sled rides are available year-round, letting you traverse the New Hampshire wilderness in a unique way. These dog sled rides are available in two-mile and five-mile rides. Each experience lets you get hands-on with the equipment instead of just watching. Each guest will get accustomed to the dogs before each ride starts; there is also some time at the end for some well-deserved belly rubs and pats the dogs will appreciate! The longer five-mile rides are only available during temperatures below 55 degrees, so expect mostly two-mile rides during the summer.

Kennel Tours

Not only can you enjoy a sled dog ride with Muddy Paws, but you can also tour the kennels. Come see where the pups are raised. Each sled dog loves to be petted, so make sure to show them some love. There are over 70 canines here at Muddy Paws who currently or have previously given sled dog rides. These dogs frequently interact with guests so don’t be nervous about interacting with them.

Booking with Muddy Paws Sled Dog Kennel

You can get started by reserving your dog sled ride or kennel tour by contacting Muddy Paws Sled Dog Kennel directly. Call them at 603-545-4533 or email to get started. Reservations in advance are required as walk ins are not welcome. You can find the kennel at 32 Valley Road in Jefferson, New Hampshire.

Maine and New Hampshire Are Waiting

Dog sled rides and kennel tours are just a few of the exciting activities waiting for you in New England. Come check out our private vacation rentals available in Maine and New Hampshire. You will have the privacy of a personal home while having luxury amenities to keep you comfortable. Call today and see which rentals will be available for your stay.