group of men rafting in rapids

Moxie Outdoor Rafting

One of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts in Maine is white water rafting. The thrill of navigating thundering rivers is an experience everyone should have at least once! Finding the perfect white water rafting experience is as simple as booking with Moxie Outdoor Rafting. This local company leads incredible white water rafting tours so you can enjoy this sport the way it was meant to be.

White Water Rafting Trips

Moxie Outdoor Rafting can take you down two of the most popular rivers for rafting in Maine: Kennebec River and Dead River. Each river offers a variety of different rafting trips. On Kennebec River, families can join the half-day or full-day class IV white water rafting. This class level means there are plenty of crashing waves but overall is manageable for individuals of all ages, even children. The 8-mile, half-day experience can be completed in a few hours and has plenty of picturesque stopping points such as gorges where you can jump out and go swimming. For those who want a challenge, the local dam releases the maximum amount of water at certain points of the year. This Kennebec FLUSH is perfect for experienced rafters who want huge waves that can top 15 feet. Finally, double up your run with the Double Trouble, two runs down the Kennebec River for double the excitement and rapids.

Tubing and Floating

If you are also looking for a relaxing day at the lake, Moxie Outdoor Rafting can set you up with aquatic rentals. They offer tubes and small rafts that can be used at the local lake or river for you to enjoy. We all need a little rest and relaxation during a vacation getaway, and this is a fun way to kick back on the water.
Setting Up Your White Water Rafting Adventure

You can get started on your journey down Kennebec River or Dead River by contacting Moxie Outdoor Adventures. Call 1-800-866-6943 to place your reservation. Early reservations are highly recommended, especially for popular events such as the Kennebec FLUSH. You can find Moxie Outdoor Adventures at 1609 US Rte 201 in The Forks, Maine.

Plan Your Maine Escape Today

The white water rafting season is nearly upon us, so make sure to reserve your vacation rentals today. Each of our private rentals features luxury amenities. Call today and see which of our rentals are available nearby Kennebec River and Dead River for white water rafting.