family rafting down rapids

Magic Falls Rafting Company

If you take a look at Maine from a map, you will see a heck of a lot of blue on it. Maine is full of relaxing lakes and thrilling rivers that are just begging to be explored. Magic Falls Rafting Company understands that the best way to explore the local rivers is by jumping onto a guided tour. Magic Falls offers a variety of rafting adventures you can join in on when visiting.

Guided Rafting Tours

When thinking of a white water rafting excursion, think of it as your favorite roller coaster at a theme park but instead out in nature. In fact, Maine has more miles of white water rafting than the rest of New England and New York together combined. The available trips with Magic Falls can either take you to Kennebec River or Dead River. White water rafting in Maine consists of steep rock walls and thundering waves up to six feet tall, so it is not for the faint of heart. The Dead River run consists of class II-V white water rafting, meaning it is some of the most thrilling rafting around. Expect to see popular landmarks like Elephant Rock, Hayden’s Landing, and Poplar Falls among many more.

Sports Boats Trips

If you want a more responsive ride down the rivers, you can book a white water rafting tour in a sports boat. These smaller vessels were first used by Magic Falls Rafting Company and have become a popular alternative to regular rafting. This opportunity is perfect for those who want to experience the smaller rapids yet still have plenty of control.

Post Ride Lunch

You will be hungry after your thrilling adventure on the water, so Magic Falls Rafting Company makes sure to fill you up before you leave. A hearty meal will be waiting for you after your trip. Enjoy the food as a slide show of your trip will show off the incredible photos taken during the tour. Get started by calling 1-800-207-7238 or emailing to book your reservation today. Early reservations are recommended since Magic Falls books up quickly for the summer!

Plan Ahead for Your Journey to Maine

There is so much waiting for you in the Maine wilderness, from white water rafting to thrilling hiking trails. Prepare for your upcoming trip by reserving one of our vacation rentals in the area. Experience quality amenities while having your own property in which to relax.