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About Rangeley

Rangeley………… Do it ALL or NOTHING at all!



Ninety-nine percent forested, this beautiful resort region is jeweled with six major lakes and hundreds of smaller lakes and ponds. The town itself sits on the shores of Rangeley Lake in a backwoods countryside of evergreen-lined waterways and 3,000-foot rounded peaks.  

A Rangeley Lakes Vacation in the western mountains of Maine equals pure enjoyment and treasured memories.  Mountains and endless lakes offer a pure, majestic scenic backdrop for boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, birding, and family vacations either passive or active!

Like a handful of small towns scattered throughout the country there are no parking meters, no traffic lights and people still wave to each other in the streets. The growth of Rangeley has not spoiled it, but has conversely led to a renewed sense of commitment to the environment, outdoor traditions, fisheries, and wildlife. It is the kind of town where daily efforts in the town office, school and home are made to ensure that future generations will always know and appreciate the history and values of this small fortunate community in these western mountains of Maine.  The lakes are very quiet and you may see 2-4 boats on the lake at one time on a hot summer day.

2478 Main St,Rangeley, ME 04970